About the Game

In GamersGoMakers, you found a little company creating the first video games in history. Create your first game with only basic sound and simple graphics available in the year 1980. You´re one of the pioneers entering the rising global market for computer games. At the beginning, there are only few genres you can pick for a game to create, later you have plenty of options for more genres and sub-genres.

  • You start in 1980 creating one of the first computer games in history
  • Go your own way: Be a developer, designer, producer, artist or composer
  • Optional start in 1990 or 2000, choose from 3 difficulty levels 
    31 genres of games to choose from
  • Real influence on creating games (find the genre matching game parts out of 15×4 options)
  • Intelligent game reviews give you hints about what to improve for next game in same genre
  • Sales are influenced by trends, platform market share, competitor´s performance and many more
  • You can create patches, addons, sequels or a new edition for a different platform
  • Hire up to 25 employees with specialisations in genre and/or platform
  • Rich role playing elements: level up your character and employees in 25 different skills
  • Learning by doing: Your employees gain levels in skills by takig part in projects
  • Improve your employees skills additionally by trainings, education programs and specializations
  • Employees will ask for more loan, holiday, trainings or they get sick, maybe even quit for a better job at a rival´s company
  • Become a specialized company of high renown in a certain genre, e.g. the global number 1 in Shooter games
  • Research new gaming technologies
  • Expand your business, rent or buy a bigger office
  • Equip 15 different rooms like studios for sound and motioncapture, labs and marketing office
  • Create a Game Engine
  • Upgrade your rooms several times as time advances
  • Compete within a global simulated games market – hundreds of simulated competitors release games
  • Win awards for game of the month/game of the year
  • Participate in conventions or create your own conventio
  • Become a publisher by yourself
  • Hire “real” actors for voice acting, motion capturing and soundtrack
  • Consoles and platforms retire from the market…except you create a game hit extending the platform´s lifetime
  • Buy out your rival competitors: Let them work for you or destroy them

…and many more features for a very deep gaming experience!